ERP systems

Electronic document flow system is a software, which enables to create, coordinate, approve and store/maintain documents in electronic format. Nowadays, leading international companies optimize their business processes by using electronic document flow programs. Up-to-date electronic document flow programs serve to ensure information security along with saving many company resources.


Disadvantages/weaknesses of traditional document flow:

  • - Financial loss – In case of paper-based (hard copy) document flow, additional financial cost occurred for printer spare parts and paper. Sending of documents between branches causes additional costs for their delivery and mailing services as well.
  • - Loss of timereceipt, signing and sending of paper-based documents (hard copies) for processing causes loss of certain time. For big companies with branches located at long distance from each other, it leads to loss of more time.
  • - Loss of information loss of documents or gaining of access to paper-based information (hard copies) by third parties are one of the most frequently experienced cases. Such loss of information can lead to additional loss of resource by exposing the company to business risks.


Advantages/strengths of electronic document flow:

  • - Implementation of document pre-processing procedures within a short period of time
  • - Secure storage and transfer/transmission of information
  • - Document dispatch between the branches of offices within a short period of time
  • - Quick search in document database
  • - Provision of various types of search criteria in document database
  • - Supervision over current processing status of documents
  • - Availability of reports within selected time period
  • - Automated electronic archiving/filing of documents


Docidge is a very simple, web-based, open source electronic document management program for use by organizations of various sizes and types.

Docidge electronic document flow can be used to ensure formal and informal correspondence, carry out exchange of documents and information, which create legal responsibility and obligations. Advantages/strengths of Docidge program:

  • - Paperwork management procedures adapted to the laws of the Azerbaijan Republic
  • - Configuration adapted to internal procedures of Azerenerji departments and divisions
  • - Easy system access option from branches and offices via web interface
  • - High information security parameters platform
  • - Option to save search module (attributive and full-text) and search configurations
  • - Option for save storage of all formal documents electronic database and in electronic archive module of these documents
  • - Automation of all specific work processes, increase of efficiency for complete management.
  • - Acceleration of work process by several times, decrease of impact of human factor, discovery/detection and removal of shortcomings in activities of an enterprise.
  • - Creation of electronic archive for all documents and easy retrieval of required document at any time in future.


Creation and flow of electronic documents

No solution is required to be installed at a computer in order to use Docidge program.

Can be used at any up-to-date program (web browser) in line with operation manual.

Main operation window of Docidge program

The main window of program consists of horizontal control panel, menu and submenu panels and main work panel in the center.

User profile edit and system exit button is located at horizontal control panel.


Menu and submenu panel

Menu and submenu panel usually consists of “Inbox”, “Sent”, “Internal documents” menus and their relevant submenus.

Menu window can be hided and shown using a button. In such a case, work panel space/area changes accordingly.


Main desktop panel

Main desktop panel comprises entering of new document, processing of entered information, initiation, approval and searching functionality.

Columns of table in the main desktop panel can be hided and shown through “Table fields” window.


Document input

Document input is performede by entering their scanned copies to database. Indexed information (data) is then entered.

Documents related to the document entered using Related documents window and entered into database before are recorded.


Processing of entered documents

Entered documents are accordingly seen in submenus.

Document is initialed electronically by authorized persons.

Records about processing of document is made by persons in charge of document processing.


Document search

The program has a search system by parameters/criteria according to any document type.

After search criteria are written and search button is pressed, link/transition to “Main page” occurs  and search result is reflected in the table.

When “View” line is selected from menu window in the table, the document information view window opens up.


Document information view window

Document information view window consists of “record sheet of incoming document”, “Short content”, “Information on processing”, “Initial”, “Applicable documents”,  “Related documents” and “sent users” table.

By pressing “Initial” button in the right upper corner of the window, authorized persons put their initials.

After initials are collected, the head of enterprise approves the document.


Backup and recovery

  • - Annual, monthly, daily and hourly automatic backup.
  • - Recovery of program at any time by selected time.
  • - Docidge fast backup and recovery system.