GPS monitoring system

   GPS is a satellite navigation system that allows you to pinpoint the coordinates of your object in different locations around the world.

   The monitoring system we offer consists of two main components:

       -  GPS tracker unit

       -  Monitoring website


   Car coordinates can be monitored in real-time by transmitting them over the Internet to the web server using special GPS devices installed on them. In addition to transmission of coordinates, the device also determines through the satellite over GSM line whether the engine is operational, moto-hours of engine, whether doors are open or close, loading, tilt angle, violation of volume of fuel tank etc. and transmits information to web server.

   Users can log in to their online accounts and control their owned cars over the web browser irrespective of the operating system they use. This entire process consists of recording in database and provision to users of information obtained by GPS device without user’s knowledge. Through the enhanced web interface, it is possible to connect to the monitoring system from any device, which has an access to Internet. The system allows you to view the real-time traffic of all cars owned by a user, to track statistics and to generate detailed reports based on time, routes, speeds, and other information.

   Any user can create a report that meets their needs. The content of the report is compiled by the user. The most of the reports in the system relate to the selection of time intervals from the object’s history based on certain criteria. It includes reports about trips, stops, routes, geographical areas and streets as well as transmitters and over speed reports.

   User can log in into the system and create own spreadsheets and can therefore receive regular via e-mail the reports of the established form.

   The system also has a function to warn (alert) you about the behavior of an object (e.g. over speed, location, transmitter indicator etc.). Warnings (alerts) may be displayed in the real-time regime on the website, in the form of an e-mail or in the form of reports on the site’s relevant menu.

   The system enables to create separate route for each car, to control deviations from such established route, review completed and non-completed routes, delays or early arrivals. It is enough to set a trail by choosing the appropriate period to see which route the car is moving on. Several trails can be set on the map at the same time for one or several different cars. The trajectory line drawn during the movement of the object is expressed in different colors depending on over speeding or deviation from established route.